OS X El Capitan Review: The essentials

OS X El Capitan Review

Apple released last week the new version of its Mac operating system: OS X El Capitan. This new version builds on top of Yosemite and is more of a bugfix release than a completely new iteration of OS X. I have been using OS X El Capitan since Beta 2 and had enough time to evaluate it, so here are my thoughts about its most important features.

For this review, I tested OS X El Capitan on a 2013 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, a 2014 11″ MacBook Air and a 2012 MacMini Server.

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iOS 9 Review: What you need to know

iOS 9 Review

iOS 9 has been out for a while, and although I have been using this since the second beta, I didn’t have time to write this review until now. As a matter of fact, I am changing now the reviews on this blog. Instead of writing long and tedious review, like the one for iOS 8, I am going to focus directly on what you need to know to get the best out of each product reviewed. I hope you enjoy the new approach! :)

Like the previous version of the operating system, iOS 9 is not a radical redesign, but an evolution that seeks to improve on a design that has been working well so far. Unlike the previous release, iOS 9 did not run into an upgrade fiasco — you don’t need a ton of free space in your device to update it.

For this review, I am running iOS 9 on a 64GB iPhone 6 and a 64 GB iPad Air 2.

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Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux 9.0-0 released

IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux 6.0-0

A new major version of the Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux is released.

Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux 9.0-0 new features

  • 32-bit Go libraries are no longer supported.
  • Lock elision support was removed due some performance issues.
  • New tools available on the cross-compiler: boost, inteltbb, libauxv, libdfp, libhugetlbfs, libsphde, liburcu, libvecpf, openssl, paflib, tcmalloc and zlib
  • MPC provides:
    • Fix for mpc_pow output at low precision (see discussion).
  • Debuginfo packages provided separately.
  • Binutils provides:
    • Gold linker.
  • Split stack support included.

Complete list and details of bug/performance fixes is available at the official IBM website for the Advance Toolchain.

For more information about Power architecture and the OpenPOWER ecosystem, please visit the official OpenPOWER Foundation website. You can also follow our PowerLinux Community blog.


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