Anandtech thoroughly reviews the IBM POWER8 processor

IBM Power 822LC

Anandtech posted yesterday a very detailed review and performance evaluation of the POWER8 processor. The system reviewed and benchmarked is an IBM Power 822L, a 10-core POWER8 system with 128GB of RAM that runs Linux. The machine is benchmarked against the Xeon E5 and yields some very good results.

Their conclusion is very positive:

“All in all, the arrival of OpenPOWER servers is much more exciting than most of us anticipated. Although the IBM POWER8 servers can not beat the performance/watt ratio of the Xeon, we now have a server processor that is not only cheaper than Intel’s best Xeons, but that can also keep up with them. Combine that with the fact that IBM has lined up POWER8+ for next year and a whole range of server vendors is building their own POWER8 based servers, and we have a lot to look forward to!”

I recommend you read the full review here.


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IBM SDK for Linux on Power 1.8 released

IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux 8.0-5

A new release of the IBM SDK for Linux on Power is now available.

IBM SDK for Linux on Power 1.8 new features

  • Built on Eclipse Mars.
  • Leverages the latest versions of Eclipse CDT, Eclipse PTP and Eclipse LinuxTools.
  • New  ibm-sdk-lop-remote-dependencies package that installs all necessary dependencies for remote development.
  • Support for Big Endian Operating Systems.
  • Build Advisor Advisor plug-in which allows users to receive advice on the set of flags that can be tuned for Power during the build process .
  • New integration layer with the IBM POWER8 Functional Simulator.
  • New resources on Cheat Sheets.
  • Support for the IBM Advance Toolchain 8.0 and 9.0.
  • Bug Fixes.

For more details and supported Linux distributions, please visit the official IBM SDK for Linux on Power website.

For more information about Power architecture and the OpenPOWER ecosystem, please visit the official OpenPOWER Foundation website. You can also follow our PowerLinux Community blog.


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