Paris: a complete guide – Part 1


I am going to start a new section on this website today about traveling. I have visited around 250 cities in 11 countries to date, so I guess I have enough material to start. My first post is about one of the most popular destinations in the world, and a must-visit city in anyone’s list: Paris. Since there is too much to see in the city, I decided to break down this guide in 3 parts:

  1. Basics about Paris, how to get in, basic sightseeing and public transportation.
  2. Detailed information about each district (arrondissement), including lodging, restaurants and museums.
  3. Interesting things to see outside Paris while you are there.

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Productivity: My way of getting things done

Home Office

Productivity is a topic I usually get asked about. I have written a series of posts in my blog about this and I would like to summarize the most important points here. I originally wrote a very similar post back in December 2012, but since then some things have changed. So even if you read the original post, this one is worth your time.

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