IBM has been part of my professional life for quite a while. During this period, I had the opportunity to work on very interesting and challenging projects and meet excellent people. Here you will find some information about the work I have been doing over my years at the Big Blue. You may find all my posts about the company at my IBM blog.

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power

The IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is a set of open source development tools and runtime libraries that allows users to leverage all the potential of IBM Power systems. I was its team lead and project manager. Some relevant links:


Here are my contributions to the GNU binary utilities open source software project.


Here are my contributions to the GNU debugger open source software project.


Here are my contributions to the GNU C library open source software project.


Here are my contributions to the Go Programming Language open source software project.

Other contributions to open source software projects

Other minor contributions were done to:

Processor enablement on Linux

Worked on the development cycle of the following IBM Power processors:

  • POWER9
  • POWER8
  • POWER7
  • Power A2
  • PPC476
  • POWER6


Patents filed while I worked at IBM:

  • US20170353569 – Generating Push Notifications (application).
  • US8579205 – Intelligent grid-based HVAC system (issued).
  • US7953673 – Multiple interest matchmaking in personal business networks (issued).
  • WO2009079738 – Transfer of user profiles between virtual worlds (application).
  • US20090089222 – System and method for automated stock market operation (application).
  • US20090070161 – Method, system and data model for maximizing the annual profit of a household micro-economy (application).

Technical papers

Technical papers published while I worked at IBM:

by Carlos Eduardo Seo